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Tiny Bear Distillery

Tiny Bear Distillery

Leasehold $500,000

SOLD - Tiny Bear Distillery, Knoxfield VIC - 1P0160


Evan Stewart


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Bars & Hospitality

Tiny Bear Distillery

Leasehold $500,000


Exceptional VIC Leasehold Distillery Operation!

Tiny Bear is your opportunity. Don’t miss it.

From Mexican tequila to Russian vodka, American Bourbon to Irish Whiskey, each nation has its own signature spirit, of which locals are immensely proud.

And now, with the world in the clutches of a gin and whisky renaissance, an opportunity exists to craft the Australian spirits industry with the purchase of the Tiny Bear Distillery.

With the craft tradition coming back in vogue, independently owned from small operations that typically hero local ingredients in their drams are the future.

Tiny Bear is micro-distillery, boutique in style. A distillery was established to produce beverage grade spirit alcohol in relatively small quantities, done in single batches (as opposed to larger distillers’ continuous distilling process).
As the rise of craft distilleries takes hold.

Based in Knoxfield, VIC, in two factories, one owned and the other leased, Tiny Bear offers an impressive equipment set up, has invested heavily on the brand, has a good mix of Gin products and great stock of New Make at various stages to grow its presence in the lucrative whisky market.

A good mix of sales exists though premises visits creating drinks at the bar and take-home sales. This is coupled with website sales, distribution Australia wide and wholesale/white label products and contracts.

The base is here to fuel the next stage of growth in Tiny Bear under your direction. Available with or without the freehold, and with or without the additional Tiny`s Bar and Bottleshop (see separate listing).

Premises: Tiny Bear operates out of two factories that are side by side: 6 & 7/10 Henderson Rd, Knoxfield VIC 3180.
7 is company owned, 6 is leased. 7/ 10 Henderson Road, Knoxfield VIC 3180 can be rented on similar terms to Lot 6 above (new Lease to be offered), or the premises can be purchased as part of the sale.

Price Includes: Stock EST: 1800L of Whiskey and 2500 bottles of Gin. Equipment at cost (approx. $200,000)
10 x year lease available.

Contact Evan Stewart at MHB for more information and to arrange an inspection of this fantastic business opportunity.

Agent Details

Evan Stewart | 0437752893

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