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Introducing Our Interactive Client Portal

We’re proud to present the MHB Client Portal, our place for buyers to access the information they need when considering the purchase of a business, property or land.

We strongly believe that providing as much information as possible to buyers goes a long way to generating a quick and hassle-free sale. In our pursuit to develop the highest quality selling platform in the market, we present the MHB Client Portal.

Interested buyers can sign up to our Client Portal, giving them easy access to all of the information they need.

From freehold passive investment sales and leaseholds though to freehold going concerns, we compile your business and property information in an easy-to-read package that’s attractive to buyers.

Streamlined Access to Information

A leasehold sale is the sale of a business only, so this sale does not include the land/property. As a result, a leasehold operator or business owner will pay rent to a landlord as part of the business outgoings. A leasehold business value or selling price is determined by proving and establishing the businesses profitability multiplied by a yield or ROI (return on investment) to the purchaser.

Our unmatched industry experience gives us the skills and expertise to accurately determine your leasehold business value. Our detailed analysis gives us the best opportunity to highlight your business potential to buyers. 

How Does MHB Client Portal Help?

The MHB Client Portal is all about sharing information transparently. Often, a business or property listing gives you a snapshot without going into too much detail. However, we understand that it’s details that matter most to buyers and investors.

The Client Portal provides buyers with the additional insights they need to confidently move toward a purchase. The customised Information Memorandum and other specifics available in the Client Portal for each property answers the questions buyers have. Ultimately it saves plenty of time and delivers the information buyers need.

Secure, Confidential and Simple

When signing up to the MHB Client Portal, users are required to sign a confidentiality agreement. They’ll also need to verify their access with Two Factor Authentication prior to approval. For sellers, this gives them peace of mind that only the right people are accessing their information.

Once approved, buyers are able to view the additional information for commercial listings that otherwise could not be accessed. It’s straight forward, secure, honest and convenient. Thanks to the MHB Client Portal, everybody wins.